April 10th, 2012

Social Media Survey: What Does It All Mean?

You rule

Social Media Examiner just released their 2012 Social Media Marketing Industry Report, packed with information about how marketers are using social media as well as some projections about the future of the field.  (You can view the full report here.)

Rohit Bhargava over at Ragan’s PR Daily interpreted the survey, and reached some interesting conclusions in his blog post, "Report: No. 1 Social Media Question: How Do I Measure?"

For me, the biggest take-away was that for all the hype that goes into measurement (which is an essential component of effective social media marketing), content and strategy have fallen to the wayside.  Having a well thought out strategy for your marketing program - specific goals, and an outline for how to reach them - will keep you on track, save you time, and give you a better results.  (Identifying the results you want will bring the results you want!)

Additionally, time and time again we’ve seen that content is king when it comes to successful social media marketing.  (That phrase in itself has become a sort of slogan for marketers.)  Create content that supports your mission and engages your audience, and watch the word spread!

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